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We love design. It's what we do. If you hire us, we'll make you beautiful (and quite popular).

Cynthia Creative & Co is a boutique commercial art studio specializing in visual brand identity and website styling and development. We create the look and feel of businesses, as well as specialized events. Our team of artists style everything from event logos and invitations to memorable business identities and dynamic websites. The end result is a well crafted brand that speaks to the heart of your company’s mission or conveys an event’s personality and purpose. The brand identities that we create are powerful tools that contribute to a company's or event's success.

Our creative team consists of owner Cynthia Levesque, and a talented group of writers, artists and developers to bring your brand full circle.


As a specialized boutique firm, Cynthia Creative & Co is able to provide a personal touch that doesn’t come with larger mega-firms. We have the ability to serve our clients as though we were part of their internal design department. The dedication and responsibility we assume within every project is consistent with the passion we feel for design and our commitment to quality. The combination of these two often mutually exclusive dynamics, is what propels us above our competitors.


Cynthia Creative will partner with you to build and maintain a visually compelling identity that captures consumers on an emotional level. Our background, expertise and skill set makes us a proven, well respected and effective industry leader.


There is nothing better than bringing people and businesses to life through words, design, passion and purpose.

Cynthia Levesque grew up on a beach in Southern California with her skateboard in one hand and her sketch pad in the other. From the beginning of time she knew she would do something creative when she "grew up". Leading up to college she spent a majority of her time exploring different mediums and creative collaborations, including painting and collage, creative writing, jewelry design, and cooking. However, her passion for art exploded when she stumbled upon graphic design in high school. The beauty of transferring graphics to paper and exploring color theory, layout and fonts consumed her. It defined everything she stood for creatively and allowed her to share her talent to help others.

After college graduation, Cynthia joined the corporate world as a creative director where she learned to bring complex business concepts to vibrant visual life. And although she enjoyed the job, her creativity was stifled and her personality was too big for one specific industry. After years of late nights and weekend freelance work, she opened her own graphic design studio in Tampa, Florida. Hooray!

As the years pass and Cynthia's client list grows, her passion for design becomes stronger and her business brighter.

"Whether it's a custom wedding invitation or a complete brand development, I want everything I touch to be special, unique, and personal. After all, if it's personal to you, it should be personal to me too, and it is."

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