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JOEZETTE HITE on styling her spa

Owner of Crave Spa

“When creating a business, you need to hire Cynthia and her team. When developing my business "look and feel", I assumed all I would need was a logo, however, with Cynthia’s expertise in brand management I was educated on the fact that your "brand" encompasses much more than just the pretty things. I thought the logo design stage was going to be a long drawn out process, but with Cynthia’s knack for creativity she nailed it on the first try! Cynthia and her team devoted 100% of their time developing every facet of marketing, including stationary, signage and web design. I was astounded with how she listened to me and created an identity for my company that not only impressed me, but my employees and clients alike!”

"Cynthia is our go-to resource for all things branding. Cynthia personally worked with our team from concept to realization, bringing life to a bold new idea. Nearly two years later, she continues to offer a hip and creative approach to our brand. Her attention to detail is unmatched, and her gift in design is priceless!"

KIMBERLY S. CLAY on designing the play like a girl! brand

Founder + Executive Director of Play Like A Girl!

THE LADIES OF K4 on designing their brand + styling their events

Owners + Creative Directors of K4 Event Production

"Cynthia Creative & Co. is the first place we go when designing an event. Every event should be branded to ensure a memorable experience and it starts with the logo and invitation. We can trust that Cynthia and her team will bring our vision to graphic life, setting the tone and building the excitement for the event details that will follow. Cynthia is quick to respond, quick to create and willing to do what it takes to deliver the perfect project. When we work with Cynthia, we know our event will be gorgeous and never forgotten. "

Ken Kish on day to day operations

D-Terra Solutions

"A brand resides in the mind of the consumer. Cynthia has a knack for creating a look and feel that is modern, clear in the minds eye and meets today’s best practice standards. In addition, Cynthia’s innovative graphic designs provide consumers with insight into your business while reducing the reliance on written content. In today’s hectic world, creating memorable pictures that paint a thousand words are worth their weight in time saved and increased comprehension of the target audience. I worked closely with Cynthia on creating the branding for Halcyon Supply Chain Solutions. Her design of the Halcyon brand far exceeded our expectations just as it did when she created the D-Terra Solutions brand identity.  We continue to work on projects with Cynthia and continue to be  amazed by her designs."






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